The spectrum labs Quick Fix synthetic urine is the finest quality product ever manufactured. It is one of the well-known brands with a whopping customer base and track record of passing drug tests. We shall therefore review of Quick Fix synthetic urine in more detail. The product has earned incredible positive online feedback that is purely organic and no one is paid to write a review. The new formula from Quick Fix is an improvement from the already proved versions. Let us see what makes the new version extra special. Undoubtedly, we know the product is of highest quality, quick review of quick fix synthetic urine 6.2 written by marijuana101 shows it is highly developed with care to regulate the machines, which analysis human urine. In addition, other highlights and content of the new formulation from spectrum labs contain:

  • 100% Balanced gravity and pH levels in line with human urine
  • Contains uric acid
  • Lab quality composition
  • Contains Creatine
  • Toxin free and more microscopic characteristics with human urine

Can the new version pass or fail a drug test?

For passing a drug test when you buy the kit, you will get every detail and instructions to activate the product. When you have the solution ready, you will stand a great chance of passing the drug test. Review of quick Fix synthetic urine with anecdotal experience of many is standing testimony for its effectiveness. Therefore, the next vital question is can Quick Fix fail a drug test. Despite the manufacturer claims the product will not fail yet there are few reported cases of reviews where the product has in fact failed during the drug test. Perhaps it can be due to the temperature not being correct at the time you give the sample.

Some therefore ask which is better to pick Quick fix or Sub solution. Clearly, you should pick sub solution. The reason being is that sub solution contains 11 premixed chemicals making it hard to tell apart from human urine. Secondly, it comes with special heat activator powder which means you do not have to microwave it, it can also stand the chance even out of not being the correct temperature. However, you cannot consider the quick fix synthetic urine inferior. It can virtually guarantee you to pass through the drug test. Finally, there is only one way to test negative that works 100%, simply live a 100% drug free lifestyle, urine substitution is not always a safe bet.